Endless Summer

by Every Stranger Looks Like You

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released September 1, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv Studio
Mastered by Martijn Hermans at Sida Mosae Mastering



all rights reserved


Every Stranger Looks Like You Brakel, Belgium


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Track Name: Circles To The Center
Cut out my tongue and burn my lungs, turn me into the lifeless shell I've become.
I'm dragging corpses into the water.
Eating cancer makes me stronger.

Buried deep beneath the flesh, my soul you cannot see.
Cold hearted, my touch you cannot feel.

The cycles grow longer.
The nights grow darker.
Always awake.
Sleeping makes me sick.

Circles to the center.
Track Name: Hibernation
Summer comes and colors everything and everyone except me.
Stay in bed, close my eyes, will my death be televised?
Silver summer fades to grey, slowly everything fades away.
Nothing left to say, nothing left to do, but staying in bed, mourning you.

Remember my name.
"Glass veins, glass veins"
Fragile bones, empty shell, pale face.

Will my death be televised?
Will you be there when I close my eyes?
Track Name: Gifted (French Montana x The Weeknd cover)
All these bitches hate you
This is something I know
Because you’re real enough to give it up
There ain't nothing wrong with groupie love
You're the only one I notice
It's really hard for me to focus, yeah
Cuz my body so numb
All I do is kill pain
All I do is smoke loud
Put you all to shame
I be rolling all day, mix it in the champagne
And these bottles all free, not a single drink paid
Because they want me, they want me in their club
But if you got the numbers I'll be glad to show you love
Cuz baby, I'm an XO ----- coming up
Every time they play my song I'mma fill another cup
Cuz I'm down for whatever I can always keep it up
All I need is some liquor just to keep a ----- up

I'm gifted when I'm faded
I'm faded all the time
Because I know that's when they love me
They love me when I'm high
When they love me
I get money, I get money, I get money
When they love me
I get money, I get money, I get money

I be gifted when I'm faded, faded all the time
Thought they loved me when I made it
Niggas hated all the time, it's a dirty game
Try to find a bitch, maybe get married
That's like pissin' in a freezer, trying to make canaries
Hawk vision, LA heels right on Puff Terrace
Making wishes, now I'm french kissing your bitch in Paris
Come and find me di Giannis that's from '92
Heard your spoil her ass when I bought her a number two
Dipping and you know it, I be pimpin like I owe it
Come and find me now, I got an army with me now
Turn your brains oodles and noodles
For thinking you got a screw loose
I tighten you up, them coroners will button you up

Tony Montana on his last batch
This that Wayne Gretzky on his last scratch
This that Derek Jeter on his last catch
This that Whitney Houston on her last track
This that Tiger Woods on his last swing
This that Jimi Hendrix on his last string
This that Larry Davis on his last bang
You can call me Hugh Hefner on his last fling